Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm finding I'm not good... keeping up with blogging... I read all the time, seriously, if I don't have my attention on a computer, it's usually stuffed in to a book... I've been accused of "inhaling" my reading material... I really do need to keep up with this blog... If you haven't noticed, this is going to be a pretty random post... I'm just gonna lay down thoughts running through my head... is it bad that I want to live in a house with just me, my husband, and my kids... no in-laws, and definitely not his stinky ass dogs... I'm tired of them... ALL OF THEM... my back yard is filled with dog shit and stinks. They have ruined the grass. And my kids cant play back there...

My new favorite show this season.. Harry's law... LOVE IT!!!! LOVE Kathy Bates... She's awesome, crass, abrasive, blunt, honest, brutal, sneaky, smart. Just my type of role model!! LOL!

The rest of the crew is pretty awesome too! I've pretty much decided that IF in the event I need a lawyer... I'd want Adam (Nathan Corddry) to do the opening arguments... And Harry to do the closing.. pretty sure that I'd get off scot free... regardless of what I did!! LOL

Dancing with the stars... Hines Ward is HAWT!!! LOL and Chirsty Ally is HILARIOUS!!!

I've started couponing... maybe I can get good enough to be one of those "extreme couponers", I did really good this past weekend... spent $35 at CVS, including picking up a Rx for the FIL, and saved $75! How awesome is that?? Then I saved another $46 at Wal-mart! If I can get my damn printer working correctly I can print some coupons from home that will save me even MORE $...

I'm reading "Listen" by Rene Gutteridge today... I say today because my friends will attest to the fact that there is a very real possibility that I will be done by tonight... lol

Anyhow... here is the overview of the book...

Marlo is normally a quiet, peaceful town. Yet recently a website has popped up called Listentoyourself and it contains residents of Marlo’s most private conversations… conversations that were held in the privacy of their homes with people they trusted. Soon accusations are flying and the local police force has its hands full trying to sort it all out.

Damien Underwood has been a journalist most of his life. He has been the creator of the Marlo Sentinal’s crossword puzzle until as of recent he has been offered a chance to do a bit of reporting as well. Damien along with his best friend Police Officer Frank Merrit are surprised by the sudden popularity of this website that is ripping the town apart.

And Damien has his own home to be concerned with as well, his wife Kay is struggling to fit in with the Cheer Mom’s, his daughter Jenna, normally sweet and easy-going has become sullen and in trouble at school for hitting another girl, his son Hunter is spending too much time in his room on the computer and Damien is concerned with what he may be looking at.

I'm only on chapter 4... but hey, I just started the book this morning!! I will post more about the book later...



  1. Random? Yes. Hard for me to follow? Who ARE you kidding? LOL It's good to see you back...and not to worry. I will brow beat you and throw a little peer pressure your way if you want. No. You are not abnormal for wanting your home to be YOUR home. Old people, especially family old people, can be a real pain in the ass to live with. First hand experience talking here. It's temporary. Lay down the law. If the shit can't get picked up and they are not your responsibility, then "maybe they should go" kind of thing. I'd be pissed if my boys couldn't play in THEIR backyard too.

  2. Dude I need more info on these coupons that you speak of :+)

  3. Rachael... watch Extreme Couponing... on TLC I think... last night a woman got her $600 in groceries for $6.00!!!!! INSANE!!!!! I wanna DO THAT!