Friday, April 8, 2011

Is there any particular reason WHY the midnight shift can't just do their job??? Oh yes, I forgot... Ghetto Fabulous is the shift supervisor!!!!

So Medic 2 doesn't have mobile CAD, meaning we, in dispatch, have to update their status and everything they do... its really not hard, just a couple of key strokes... seriously.. to put them back at the station is literally the following powerline code : STA SZM2

DONE!!!!!! Whew! I may have burned a whole calorie!

And I swear on all that is holy I will junk punch her one day for putting EMS "Out at the crib"... That is so SO unprofessional! Not to mention that it DRIVES.ME.NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

She's not the brightest crayon in the box. But she is the most ghetto.

Now, the rest of her shift?? Yeah, they are some doozies too!

Here is a list and description of the idiots.. oops.. I mean my fellow coworkers...

Ghetto Fabulous - The leader of the idiots, thinks she's straight up out the projects. Fails to see the need to speak proper english. And only got the supervisor position because 3 other people turned it down.

The Rug - Well, the name says it all... most of it anyhow... He wears a toupee, a bad one. And absolutely refuses to move forward with the times. He still tries to write down all of the 911 call info on paper and then transfers it on his time in to the computer. Someone is going to get hurt before he's made to do it correctly.

Sparky - Wears her clothes about 5 sizes too small... her camel toe has turned in to moose knuckle! Gross, I know, but true. None of us are certain that she takes a shower on more than a weekly basis, judging by her nappy ratty hair. This dumb ass actually shocked herself plugging in her phone charger here in dispatch, and felt she needed to be evaluated, treated and transported by EMS!!!! DRAMA!!!! Well we have EMD, which requires us to ask certain questions... so this incident gets put out to EMS as.... wait for it.... an ELECTROCUTION!!!! I shit you not.... hand to God...

Shadow - Great guy, great sense of humor, functioning brain cells... can't say much about Shadow except that he is currently being ruined by Ghetto and crew... Every morning I come in I see a little more of their ridiculous behavior in him... and it's disappointing.


  1. With the exception of Shadow, I'm trackin'. And what's so bad about failing to use proper English? You know she be doin' the best she can! LMAO

  2. Dude, she cried when Obama was elected and told me that I just don't understand what this means for "us". I felt like sitting down and crying with her but for a totally different reason...the fact that I DID know what it meant for US!!!

  3. bwahahaha!!!! I remember that!!! too funny!